Nainital : One of most reachable Trans Himalayan Hill Station of India

Bhimtal Lake

Being one of the oldest hill station, nicely explored, and quite well documented on things to do, I will try to focus more on few other places around for this post, how to reach Nainital from Kathgodam or Haldwani – two railway stations of Uttarakhand state of India connected with other major points of India, a stay option for all nature lovers, and how to get in and out from another beautiful lake “Bhimtal” in Nainital area.

Getting in

Nainital is often termed as one of the most reachable Himalayan hill station of India, and it indeed is. Under 300 Km from Indian capital city “Delhi”, just 30 Km from Kathgodam(KGM) nearest Indian railway station from Nainital, and less than 70 Km away from Pantnagar, which serves as nearest airport for Nainital.

Via Flight

Pantnagar is the nearest Airport for Nainital. From Airport continuous taxis are available. You can even choose to share a taxi with fellow passengers. Though, if you are looking for cheapest possible option then take a shared taxi (easily available) for Lal Kuan. From Lal kuan take another shared taxi till Haldwani. From Haldwani lot of buses are available heading towards Nainital.

Via Train

Now a days, most of the trains come down till Kathgodam (KGM) from where lot of shared taxis are available. The current (2020) price of shared taxis till Nainital is around INR 250. Just walk out of the railway station till main highway road leading towards Nainital to find taxis calling for sharing. Otherwise, buses which might be crowded if boarded from KGM are always available and of course, are the cheapest choice available.

Via Bus

Direct luxury and semi luxury category buses are available from New Delhi till Nainital.

Mall Road

Stay in “Camp Sparrow – Jeolikote”

Somewhere in Camp Sparrow

If you are looking for a completely different stay option; a place which will show you the warmth of nature, try staying in Camp Sparrow. This is a small resort styled in camp setting in Jeolikote area of Nainital just 10 km before Nainital on KGM-Nainital highway.

I have written a detailed review of this place in case you are getting excited.

A trek to Hidden Place in Jeolikote
Towards a Hidden Pond behind our stay..

Lake Bhimtal

Naini Lake is something which really gave the place its identity. Though, there is an equally beautiful and better preserved lake “Bhimtal”. Though reaching Bhimtal might be little tricky.

Way towards “Bhimtal”

Reaching Bhimtal

My Stay..

Bhowali is the transit point to reach Bhimtal using public transportation. From Nainital as well as from Kathgodam frequent buses are available till Bhowali. From Bhowali, Bhimtal is just 9 Km, and sharing taxis (INR 20 as on 2020) leaves every 10 minutes for the town.


Please mind that Bhimtal is not major tourist place in itself, and there are very few eateries available around.

Bhimtal is an unexplored area of Kumaun ranges which make it a better choice among many nature lovers. Almost all activities can be explored in Bhimtal as well in a much more serene setting including paragliding, kayaking, and zorbing in the lake.

Note : These taxis will not take Bhimtal-Haldwani highway and drop passengers near boating point. In case you have your stay booked along highway, prefer getting down at the bifurcation point, and walk towards your destination.

Onward Journey

There are direct share taxis (100 INR as on 2020) available from Bhimtal to KGM or Haldwani.

I have tried keeping this post really simple and a place holder for the places to visit in India. Nainital need no introduction and is a must visit beautiful hill station of India. It is a much well-connected and nicely documented place to explore.

I hope you like this post and find it useful in your travel plans.

Thanks for reading and happy traveling!!!

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