My Kerala Itinerary – Just a Week in Kerala!!

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PC : Vinod Saini

PC : Vinod Saini

PC : Vinod Saini

When you are far from something, it attracts more. I hail from Northern India, and the tip of southern India – Kerala always was in my “must visit” list. Kerala is also one of the most visited place in India by travellers from various other nationalities as well.  Nevertheless, the slogan “God’s own country”, I want to live that as well. Our tour was almost unplanned and itinerary took its shape based on discussions with locals once I arrived there.

Beautiful Periyar Lake in Kumily Town – PC : Vinod Saini


Kerala being tropical region is best visited just after monsoon season in India, which is a month from mid-October till it starts getting hot which is stretched till end of March. Having said that, it is still India’s most visited state after Delhi which is a major port of arrival based on per sq km area.

PC : Vinod Saini

Tourism Statistics from Kerala Tourism web Portal


A lot can actually be written when it comes to praise this destination, but for now let me jot down my itinerary here, with a reason why I chose the destination. What I missed and is recommended follows in my other posts.

A Week in Kerala: Our Itinerary

Day 1Entered Kerala from Valapari to Kochi - Visit Kochi city for a dayRecommendation: Avoid Kalaripattu and Kathakali shows in Kochi city, if you are planning to visit Thekkedy
Day 2Visit Alleppey:  Go Kayaking and many more things. Follow my post on Alleappey on what I did.Recommendation: I stayed only for 1 night and 2 days, though, if you are planning to do House-boating addition of another night is much recommended.
Day 3, 4 and 5Visit Thekkedy - Destination for both nature and culture lovers, see my post here on what I did and recommend about this destination.Recommendation : Do stay in Bamboo Grove, read my post on Thekeddy on why it's recommended!!
Day 6Varkala - Beautiful beach destination, with a lot of things to do around. If you are at all fond of Yoga, this is a must go for you, see my post here on Varkala to know more.
Day 7Kovalam - Another beautiful beach destination, though completely different in terms of surroundings and feel it provides.
Day 8Return from Trivandrum

Because of the constraints on number of days, I couldn’t visit Palakkad, Munnar, Gavi, Thenmala, Chalakudy. Though, my itinerary somehow gave me the feel of all these destinations as well. As I came through Valapari, the vast tea estates of Munnar would just have been a repeat for me. Gavi has quite similar eco-tourism environment as can also be witnessed in Kumily/Thekkedy. Though, if you have more time, all the above places and many others in Kerala are highly recommended.

Wish you a great time visiting this beautiful state of India.


Hope you like this post and find this itinerary useful for your trip.

Thanks for reading and Happy Travelling !

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