Indonesia – A Backpackers hub

I believe a lot on blogs by inspirational travel bloggers when it come to plan my future destinations. For an adventurous, multifaceted, solo backpacking destination, Indonesia was one of the most recommended option by almost all the bloggers. I never thought Indonesia will come so soon among my places to visit list. And now, after completing this trip, I feel so satisfied that I chose this destination over many others for my next solo travel.

This post aims to giving a brief idea of my travel plan which I executed based on various suggestions from numerous travel blogs.

A Beautiful Lagoon in Sempu Island - Indonesia
A Beautiful Lagoon in Sempu Island – Indonesia

When someone says Indonesia, people in India will upfront say “Bali is an amazing destination”. Now i can tell everyone around, Indonesia is much more than just Bali. Its every island is a jewel of one beautiful necklace.When i told my family and friends that it will be 20+ odd days for my visit to Indonesia they all exclaimed in surprise!!. “What is there to visit in Indonesia for such a long time??” . I had to explain them how wonderful this country is and there are many amazing places to explore other than Bali.

What was the best thing I liked about this trip?

It is not just the country but the tourism atmosphere that this country thrives on. Being there I could actually verify why Indonesia is one of the world’s most famous backpacking destination among travellers around the world. The chances of meeting numerous amazing travellers are really high, and certainly I love that.

Indonesia – Country full of Backpackers

Good Infrastructure, great connectivity, no information gap, very little scam (no country can get rid of tourism scam) and above all, the very feeling of “Am I safe in this country?”. I never felt unsafe in Indonesia even when I got stuck in the middle of the night with no transport option in a small village of Java.

I can keep on writing so many things about this beautiful country, but I will leave that for my other post. Let’s have a brief look on my travel through Indonesia.

Cost of complete tour

< 1300 USD inclusive of return flights (as on 2016 and with 3 month advance bookings). (+150 USD, if you are a solo traveller to all the destinations, and bike rent and other related costs are not shared).

Posing in Borobudur - Place this good could even make me feel like a Posteboy
Posing in Borobudur – Place this good could even make me feel like a Posterboy

Travel difficulty

As I mentioned earlier, Indonesia is a well-connected country. Yet it lacks in public transport in many places, and my rescue appeared as “Renting motorbikes”. Motorbikes rental is quite cheap (40 K – 70 K IDR) and totally worthy of any long travel day. Consider taking an International driving permit for Bali (it is not required in Java). Though, if any traveller has been following few of my posts, I have tried approaching many destinations not from a tourist perspective(planned tour) and thus it becomes little adventurous and somewhat difficult. (3 on the scale of 1 to 5; because of the accessibility issues ).

This is how my 22 days itinerary across Java, Bali and Flores region of Indonesia looks like!!
Day 1Arrival to Jakarta. Enjoy free VISA of 30 days for your Indonesian visit.
Day 2 & 3Enjoy your time in the bustling city of Jakarta.
Day 4 (Morning)Fly to Yogyakarta. I will choose flight over train/bus for this journey. In terms of cost it is almost same and reaching down to city of Yogya on time is a priority.
Day 4Bike hire in Yogya, and if time permits sightseeing in the city.
Day 5Borobudur and Prambanan temple visit nearby Yogya
Day 6Jomblang and Pindul cave tour nearby Yogya
Day 7Early Morning departure to Surakarta/Solo and sightseeing in Solo.
Day 8Train to Malang.
Day 9Sempu Island Visit.
Day 10Proceed to Cemaro Lawang through Malang way for Mount Bromo visit.
Day 11Mount Bromo tour. Follow my post on how to do Bromo without tour
Day 11 (Evening)Take train from Probolinggo to Karangasem as a stopover to Kwang Ijen tour.
Day 12Consider it as a day of rest for midnight tour to Ijen/Blue fire.
Day 12(Night) and 13Ijen tour from midnight till next day morning. Follow my post on how to do Ijen without tour
Day 13 (Evening)Leave Java Island and proceed to Bali through ferry and bus.
Day 14Rest day in Bali. (Can proceed to Flores as well to cut short vacation by a day)
Day 15Proceed to Flores and book your Tour d Flores.
Day 16 and 17Flores Tour (Witnessing ferocious Komodo dragon).
Day 18Departure from Flores, overnight Bali (Kuta).
Day 19 and 20Temples nearby Kuta, with Bali Nightlife
Day 21 and 22Beautiful Ubud.
Day 23Departure from Indonesia.

Above itinerary includes city life of Jakarta, charismatic and world-famous Buddhist temple of Borobudur, numerous world-famous Hindu temples in Java and Bali, enchanting and secluded island and their lagoon beaches, beautiful countryside of Indonesia and of course numerous active volcanoes of the Ring of Fire. Komodo Dragon – the biggest reptile of the world is inhabited only in the Flores region of Indonesia; it should not be missed as well.

One of my Favorite Forest Trail picture captured by me - Komodo Island
One of my Favorite Forest Trail picture captured by me – Komodo Island

What will you miss in this itinerary?

I tried covering almost all important parts of Java, Bali and Flores. But Indonesia has many things to explore if given the time:

  • Indonesia is famous for Orangutan also. Following this itinerary will give you very little chance of seeing them in the wild. Though seeing orangutans in Bali Zoo is always a possible option.
  • Sumatran region is well-known for its diverse rainforests and it has not been included in this itinerary. I think including it in itinerary demands at least another week of time in Indonesia.

Other thoughts on planning your Indonesian Tour

  • Indonesia is an island country and follows tropical climate. Double check the best time to visit to avoid both tourist crowd and rains. I visited Indonesia in September and it turned out to be perfect for the complete duration of my tour.
  • Avoid visiting Java during Holiday time (Islamic holiday calendar). As locals are fond of visiting places as well and it will be very crowded.
  • Carry a raincoat as well as light Jacket (a rain proof wind cheater can serve dual purpose and save on space).
  • Taking a headlamp is advisable in Indonesia tour, considering the night treks and treks to Volcanoes.
  • Indonesia is a VISA free country as on September 2016(Indian Passport) for many of the countries.
  • That’s it!! Enjoy your tour.

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