Indonesia – A Backpackers Heaven!!

Indonesia, a name high on the radar of backpackers; and when you are seeing yourself getting more and more interested in exploring world around, this is one place which can’t be ignored at the very start.

Being a student poor in social studies I have no idea what Indonesia is and what it was. But, then I have to just Google the keyword “Indonesia”, and level of excitement just kept on going higher with each subsequent reading.

Ring of Fire : Series of active Volcano
Ring of Fire : Series of active Volcano – Source – Wikipedia

“Indonesia in World Tourism Map”

Land of world’s largest Gold Mine – “Grasberg Mine”, Indonesia is recognized for its tourism at world level. I was quite amazed to know that this nation recently won three awards of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) at a ceremony held in Madrid, Spain(2016) – Read more here. This actually signifies the major efforts by Indonesian government and their citizens for growth of tourism in Indonesia. Indonesia is also getting recognized at various other major travel platforms such as WTTC (world travel & tourism council) for various aspect.

A Gateway to Heaven
A Gateway to Heaven

Whatever your tourism taste may be but with UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, numerous endangered species holding their ground in the country, beautiful hills, sea adventure; Indonesia has a lot to offer to everyone.

Gigantic Borobudur Temple Complex
Gigantic Borobudur Temple Complex

Now that my Indonesian journey is over, I’m really obliged towards all those fellow travelers who guided me to take this journey of my lifetime. I had some of the best experiences, got to meet numerous amazing travelers and visited numerous beautiful destinations.

See my post on “Indonesia – Java and Bali Itinerary”, for the itinerary which I followed for my Indonesian adventure.

What are you missing by not visiting this Nation? – Few of the things


Tracing “Line of Fire” from the tip to bottom of the country

Indonesia is country with numerous active volcanoes in the world. A total of 147 volcanoes, out of which 76 are still active. Hiking them is on the list of almost all travelers. Read my posts on Hiking Mt. Bromo and Ijen without tours, both of which are two active Volcanoes in the Java Province of Indonesia.

Beautiful Ijen Crater - Image from Pixabay
Beautiful Ijen Crater – Image from Pixabay
Archipelago of 17508 Islands

A ridiculously high number, isn’t it?? Many – infact most of the islands are still not inhabited. Though, for tourism this is indeed a chance to visit some untouched/pristine and serene land.

A view from Komodo -Image from Pixabay
A view from Komodo – Image from Pixabay
Land of World’s Biggest Reptile 

Komodo dragon – a fearsome creature, can grow as long as 4-5 m . But is only available in its natural habitat in Komodo and Rinca Islands of Flores region of Indonesia. Meeting the creature in its home environment is itself an adventure.

Komodo in its wilderness!!
Komodo in its wilderness!!
Borobudur, coined as world’s greatest Buddhist Monument 

A monument covering more than 2500 sq m. of space, it is one of the most photographed Buddhist monument around the world. Serenity is in the air of this region and it totally deserves the praise.

A man made wonder - Beautiful Borobudur
A man made wonder – Beautiful Borobudur
Ancient Hindu Temples 

Indonesia has some of the most ancient Hindu temples among all major regions of the world. Prambanan Temple in Yogyakarta, Java and numerous beautiful temples in Bali signifies various Hindu Gods attracting millions of tourists every year.

A Javanese Hindu Temple
A Javanese Hindu Temple – Image from Pixabay
One of the most famous Surfing & Diving destination 

A country with diverse coral reefs is one of the major surfing destination. Because of the cheap price people from round the world come here to learn surfing and take their diving lessons.

Surfing in Kuta, Bali
Surfing in Kuta, Bali – Image from Pixabay

Above is not an exclusive list and just summarizes Indonesia in short. People spend months to traverse through this country, from island to island to witness the contrasting nature within a country itself.

Sometime reading might not be enough, and thus a visit is recommended, Indonesia is one such destination. Be there and enjoy the beauty of this country.

I hope you like this post. If you have anything to share about this nation or if you have any interesting story to share, please comment and let us all know of it.

Thanks for reading and happy traveling.

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