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Nile in Aswan!
Modern version of Traditional Egyptian coffee maker
Ramses Statue

Egypt – Land of “Pyramids” – a structure so grand and astonishing that it finds its place in every other traveler’s bucket list. It was a fascination for me as well. And I decided to choose Egypt as my first Solo Travel destination.

A country with one of the oldest history, survived by great monuments, and even well preserved dead in the form of mummies, just left me mesmerized.

A famous wanderer wrote –

You decide on visiting a place by reading or seeing its picture. But when you visit it, you will either be in the state of euphoria or despair!!

Displeasure might be because of expectations you have had which doesn’t get fulfilled. For me, I was just overly elated after visiting this ancient country –

‘The biggest question was how can anyone build such a structure 4500 years back??’

For this article though, let me just take you through all the great ancient Egyptian sites:

Great Sphinx and Pyramids of Giza

Giza necropolis a desert area known for its pyramids. The Great Pyramid of Khufu is the oldest and the only intact Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Roaming around Giza area, while getting mesmerized with the sheer grandeur of these structures was one of the best thing I did in Cairo.

Does this require any caption 😛

Karnak and Luxor Temple

Largest ancient religious site of the world. Doesn’t that sound interesting? It certainly is!! And so is the magnificence of this temple in Luxor city. Karnak is more than 3200 year old and still have few of the great inscriptions on the pillars.

Luxor and Karnak were two ancient temples connected through avenues of Sphinx.

Avenue of Sphinx in front of Luxor Temple – A marvelous site!
Facade of Karnak

Abu Simbel

Have you heard of this?  Whatever your answer is, if I will tell you that it’s a 3200 year old twin mountain temple which was moved piece by piece from one place to another and restored, you probably will feel the importance of it!! Abu Simbel lies on the extreme end of Southern Egypt.

Such a gigantic structure was once moved!!

Red Pyramid

Wish to see, what lies inside the Pyramid chamber? This is the best option. Beside Giza, Dahusar necropolis is another area hosting three more Pyramids nearby ancient capital town of Memphis.

In Front of Red Pyramid – Best one to explore Pyramids from inside..

Valley of the Kings

Kings and Royals tomb sites. Tombs are decorated with scenes from ancient Egyptian mythology.

Photography Prohibited – This is the only photograph of Valley this blog can offer – Parking area..

Temple of Hatshepsut

A colonnaded structure, the temple is built into a cliff face that rises sharply above it and consists of three layered terraces reaching 30 meters (97 ft.) in height.

Pose of Pharoah… Atleast that what our guide told us 😛

These names are just few of the major sites which will leave anyone mesmerized be it a history lover, lover of art or architecture or the one who just wish to have personal encounter with few of world’s most visited places. Egypt is the land of great ancient civilization, and has so many excellent things to do beside above historical sites, be it diving in Hurghada or river cruising along Nile river, or hot air balloon ride over beautiful city of Luxor.

So, what are you waiting for?? Pack your bags and go on!! You can have a look on my Egypt itinerary for more details.

I hope you liked this post, if not or otherwise please let me know by replying using comments section below.

Stay connected and happy travelling…

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