Egypt possibly is a place which doesn’t need any kind of introduction. In the radar of almost all travelers. Famous for its ancient civilization, the land of Pharaohs, and a country thriving on one of the world’s greatest river; always amaze tourists. Though two weeks might be too short for any trip to this country, but this was the maximum I could get out of my schedule. I feel it is the minimum time needed to at least traverse through the country and visit its world-famous points and little bit of adventure.

I'm sure... doesn't need any caption for this...
I’m sure… doesn’t need any caption for this… 🙂
Cost of complete tour –

< 900 USD inclusive of return flights and Visa from India.(as of 2016 and with 3 month advance bookings) (+100 USD for non-student traveler).

Travel difficulty –

Egypt is a country with well-connected transport and is not at all difficult to travel through. (2 on the scale of 1 to 5; due to special permits needed to travel to a few places)

My Itinerary (with suggestive modifications):

Day-1Arrival in Cairo
Day 2 and 3Cairo and Giza
Day 4Day trip to Alexandria
Day 5, 6 and 7White desert and Great sand sea - (I missed Great sand sea and its one of the must visit)
7th Day EveningTravel to Luxor by Train
Day 8 and 9Luxor - City of Great Ancient Temples
Day 10 (Morning)Travel to Aswan from Luxor by Train
Day 10 and 11Aswan - Nubian wonder
Day 12Abu Simbel temple
Day 12 nightTravel back to Cairo by Train
Day 13 and 14Cairo city
Day 14 eveningReturn home
Another Duo Poster Boy Image with an Egyptian..
Another Duo Poster Boy Picture with an Egyptian – Karnak Temple is at the backdrop

What will you miss in this itinerary:

  • No Nile cruise experience (but for me river cruise seems too small, when I could saw them ashore in Luxor and I was happy giving them a miss)
  • No ocean city – Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh are few of the destinations in Egypt famous for their beaches and diving destinations, though I was not interested at that point in visiting those and gave them a miss. If interested, consider adding at least 2-3 days in the itinerary and plan accordingly. Hurghada is nicely connected with central Egypt. And Sharm el-Sheikh is well-connected with Cairo city.
  • Suez Canal – I was hoping to visit, but couldn’t do it for the time i had. Though, their is nothing much to explore here, but its the history associated which i didnt want to miss. Add at least a day and half to visit it from Cairo.
This Area was once shooted and Selected as Picture of the Year By National Geographic - Luxor
This Area was once shooted and Selected as Picture of the Year By National Geographic – Luxor
Other thoughts on planning your Egyptian Tour:
  • Visa Requirement – Apply in advance for Egypt VISA for Indian Passport. Please follow my posts on how to get Egypt VISA.
  • Deserts have contrasting day and night climate and Egypt is a desert country thriving on the bank of the river Nile. Make sure to carry a jacket as it gets pretty cold at night.
  • For Vegetarians – Try Koshari (this is what I lived on for almost complete tour of mine) and Falafal which most of the time i had as my snacks.
  • Hagglers and scams are always present in any country. In Egypt make sure when someone ask for pounds you clearly verify if its Egyptian pound or UK Sterling pound they are asking.
  • If you are a student, don’t forget to take your ISIC card. You can save almost 50% money on almost all the attractions entry ticket.
  • That’s all!! Just enjoy your Egyptian day and nights.