Dayara Bhugyal : One of the Most Amazing Starter Trek to Himalayas!!

Somewhere during trek…
loads and loads of snow!!

A trek turns out to much beautiful and sought after, when you decide to introduce your best friends to this world of Himalayan Treks. Incidentally “Dayara Bhugyal” came out as one such trek for me. My childhood buddy ‘Gourav’ with his loving wife ‘Mayuri’, my beautiful friend ‘Sonali and almost a younger brother to me ‘Himanshu’ decided to join me this time for my time in Himalayas. It can’t be a very involved trek now. But, then the demand was clear from their side as well “We want to see the snow”!! Infact even I wanted them to understand what these treks are, and why I’m too determined to pull out atleast a week trekking these mountains every year. Certainly we finalized Dayara Bhugyal.

Few of us are overly seems excited 😛

A beginner level high altitude trek “Dayara Bhugyal” should definitely be in the list of every buddying trekker.

Here, is Raithal for you 🙂

Day – 1 :

Trail starts from Dehradun – one of the most reachable starting point for Himalayan treks in India. This is from where, we get to catch our transport to Raithal, basecamp for Dayara Bhugyal trek.

Day – 2 (Raithal to Gui):

Sonali, found her Himalayan friend pretty soon.. 😛
First stopover, what a beautiful area that was!!
ahh… its too easy a trek 😀

This is when we left our brick shelter behind and were ready to start to Gui, a beautiful site with stay on meadows.

And yeah… That’s our first camp site…

We gained an altitude of roughly 2000 ft, approx. 4 hours. A very gradual continuous ascend, with lots of beautiful views in between.

Before and after say it all..It did snow heavily..

Day – 3 (Gui to Chilapada):

woah.. i found snow… lot of snow..

A day with just 3 hours of trek and with this kind of stopover… Group was like “Let’s Play!!”

Just to make it a point, today was even a shorter day. Hardly a climb of 2.5 hours, and effectively gained 300 ft. But, from view perspective…. What a day it was!!! A big meadow area, where you can play as much as you want to!!

Remember Game of Thrones? “Winter is coming!!”

Day – 4: (Chilapada to Dayara top and back)

Yeah.. People do stay here as well…!!

A long day indeed, but still a short one considering the day of summit. Total altitude gain of approx 2300 ft, which is not less for any standard in approx 6.5 hours.

On the way.. And for someone who can’t understand written hindi on message board it says “Just save these beautiful Bhugyal’s these being source of ancient medical herbs”

Day – 5: (Chilapada to Raithal)

I don’t know what they were… But, appear some kind of Igloo to me

Just a walk back, but what if it was snowing till the end… Yes, I mean it till the very end in Raithal!! Another amazing day of descend.

Why is it ending so soon? 🙁

And they were.. “Let’s take bath. its already 3 odd days”:P

What I loved most was, snow covered forest, it’s a heaven on earth!!

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    • IncidentalNomad

      Hey Sam, Thanks for your comment…Himalayas are beautiful and Dayara Bhugyal has a special place in it indeed is an excellent trek..

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