Pyramids Giza Egypt

An Engineer by choice and traveller by accident, is what describes me in short. I believe travel is not about how much you roam around, but how much you understand the place you visited.

It started with usual big group trips, then from big group to exploring with best mates. I always had that fond towards exploring different things,and nothing can be more contrasting than the places all around the world. And eventually developed this habit of exploring places. and hence here i was “an accidental nomad“.

But at some point no one was there to join me in my travel plans. Relatives were busy in their own family life, friends were getting married or are extremely occupied in their jobs. Delaying my travel plans just led to their cancellation, when at one day I decided to try solo trips.

Goa Jombolang Heaven Light

Do I like it now “being a nomad”?

Ofcourse, I do!! Though I’m not a nomad as such, that’s a big term in itself. But, yes I enjoy my time being on road twice or thrice in a year. It’s not very long when I started traveling this way, but then there’s a lot I have already explored. There were so many different experiences that I have had, so many great and useful learning’s.

I’m not seeing myself travelling through the continents or cover each and every destination by myself. My only wish is to get some time out from this regular life, when I’m passing through my last moments i should not be thinking that i should have travelled more, that i should have done more crazy things, or i should have had more friends who want to be with me because of what I’m.

Am i Born to Explore?

I don’t know that yet, but yes i have been a travel-buff since my childhood days. Incessant wanderlust compelled me to keep exploring beautiful countryside of central and south India, and snow-capped peaks of Himalayas even before I graduated and joined corporate job. But, regular job could never stop me from visiting enchanting archipelago of southeast Asia, skyscrapers of Chicago and the Great Pyramids, camping in the Savannahs, traversing the Sahara Desert when islamic states are at their peak, or climbing to active volcanoes who were ready to erupt at any point of time.

Sempu Island

I’m a dire follower of one of Indian religious book Srimad Bhagwad Gita and could reconnect many of its quotes’s with other famous travel ideologies. One of which goes like this:

For the senses wander, and when one lets the mind follow them, it carries wisdom away like a windblown ship on the waters.

Which for me now correspond to one very famous travel quote

We wander for distraction but travel for fulfillment.

Travel always excites me, but solo trips made me to experience true meaning of what humanity is when you yourself is on the receiving side and felt overwhelmed by the gesture towards you.
Meeting and knowing the attitude and thoughts of freebirds from different nationalities might only be possible by being a nomad.

I hope everyone reading this will try to experience the same at least once in their lifetime.