A Day trip from Bhopal

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Classic Image of Bhimbetka

A trip planned in response to my deportation from Russia recently – Madhya Pradesh is my home state, this is where I have lived more than 70% of my life & in fact some of the most frivolous years of childhood. I could never really explore it & that’s when I thought- let’s do it now!!

I chose “Bhopal” as my entry point from Pune. It was October, which is marked by the infamous “October heat”. Besides roaming in the city, I decided to venture to places out of Bhopal city like:


Bhojpur {Historical town with an unfinished lord Shiva temple}

Both of these places are not very well connected to city of Bhopal, you might have to consider either taking a tour or ready to check your adventurous spirit. I obviously chose second. Let’s talk about both of these marvelous sites one by one:-

“Exploring Bhimbhetka on foot”

A site marked with “Pre-historic times”, Bhimbhetka was one of the very first places of interest for me in Madhya Pradesh. I chose to leave early from Bhopal and reached bus stand to catch a bus along highway. Bhimbhetka is one of the stop for all of these buses.

Here comes one of the most difficult part for this trip, while our destination caves are hardly 4 km from highway, there is no connectivity what-so-ever. In fact, only eatery point “Highway Treat” is run by MP tourism and marks the entry point to forest reserve from the highway which leads to Bhimbhetka caves. I decided to walk all the way, someone can choose to hitch-hike as well. There is entry fees associated with forest reserve/ Bhimbhetka and is on the way some 2 km before caves.

Bhimbhetka definitely deserves no introduction, and for this part, I will rather talk about it by some of the interesting pictures I captured of this world heritage site.

Few important points on Bhimbhetka caves:

Good time to visit: Just avoid scorching summers or during heavy monsoon time.

Best way to go: your own vehicle/self-drive or otherwise just be adventurous.

Visit duration: 1-2 hours {for comfortable walk around}

Entry fees: – 10/- for Indian Adults; 100/- for Foreigners

Timings: – daily from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Next destination planned was Bhojpur

Bhojpur is known for its old Shiva temple, besides that it is just a small village. Bhojpur is hardly 30 km from Bhimbhetka though there is no connectivity between these two places.

“Chandu”.. Definitely a smart chap 🙂

My route was through Obaidullagunj. I just had to walk back to NH46 {highway treat hotel} and take passing bus till Obaidullagunj. From there Bhojpur is another 14 Km but sadly with little or no public connectivity. Buses are extremely infrequent, only good option available are shared Autos (TukTuk), which only depart once they are fully occupied on the right side of the road as marked in map.

Marvelous site of “Shiva Temple” in Bhojpur

Autos usually charge Rs. 20-30 one way based on sitting capacity. My Auto driver “Chandu”, a young chap was an interesting person, he was quite intrigued with my style of travelling. He took no time to come up with his own suggestion to walk beside Bhojeshwar temple towards quarries and have a look at the “remains of Bhoja’s royal palace”.

Quarries nearby!!

Bhojeshwar temple is an incomplete lord Shiva temple with one of the largest single rock “Linga” in India. Though unfinished, temple’s architectural parts as well as various carved paintings can easily be located around in multiple quarries beside temple itself.

A Jain Temple in Bhojpur TOwn
Betwa River.. Its just here 😀
Believe me.. it was the biggest Shiva Linga i have ever seen…..
No words for this… Its on that unfinished temple…

Let’s end with a snapshot on Bhojpur:

Good time to Visit: Just avoid scorching summer or heavy monsoon times

Best way to go: your own vehicle/self-drive or otherwise just be adventurous.

Visit duration: 1-2 hours {for comfortable walk around}

Entry fees: – None

Timings: – on your convenience (temple open from 6:00 AM till 9:00 PM)

Make sure you are well hydrated all along!!

I enjoyed this journey and it was a day well spent, but will it be for you? Hopefully this post has helped you in identifying that.

PS: If you are following my itinerary & the way of travel, be ready to be squeezed by the end of the day.

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